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A comprehensive guide to the Philippines and Filipinos – One month Travel Guide
Adrian | 11 September

The Philippines has got to be one of the most exciting and underrated destinations in the world. It is gifted

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Skopje & Lake Matka, Macedonia: In Pictures
Adrian | 23 July

Skopje: Lake Matka: Read Next… Inle Lake, Myanmar : In Pictures Goteik viaduct, Train ride to Hsipaw Myanmar : In

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Sofia & Boyana Village, Bulgaria: In Pictures
Adrian | 12 July

One feature of communism is the eradication of religion. The powers-that-be believed that communism should be the only “religion” that

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Vietnam – The Versus Game (for those battling with time)
Adrian | 23 April

Vietnam has suffered an unfortunate number of conflict and warfare throughout its history. Fortunately, those days are long over, and

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The many contrasting faces of Hong Kong
Adrian | 17 January

Hong Kong has been the biggest surprise thus far in my backpacking journey. What I did expect (and eventually confirmed)

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Discovering Malaysia: Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Melaka in 11 days.
Adrian | 30 December

I won’t lie: I wasn’t expecting much from my trip to Malaysia. Looking back at it now, there were some

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Krabi Region Travel Guide: Top things to do
Adrian | 30 December

After visiting destinations designed to simply accommodate tourists and travellers, I was glad to finally (partly) escape this tourism infrastructure

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Phi Phi Islands, South of Thailand
Adrian | 15 December

Oh Phi Phi, I’m really sorry I thought you were going to disappoint me. After Phuket I was not expecting

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Phuket, South Thailand: Travel Guide
Adrian | 10 December

Landing in Phuket is a real treat in itself. Beautiful exotic trees surround large sandy beaches all around the island.

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Bangkok and Ayutthaya – Central Thailand
Adrian | 9 December

My first two days in Thailand started with two great historical spots: Ayutthaya and Old Town Bangkok 1. Ayyuthaya The

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Nakhon Pathom Province, Central Thailand
Adrian | 9 December

Nakhon Pathom is one of the central regions in Thailand, neighbouring Bangkok and Ayyuthaya. While I researched a lot about

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A weekend trip in Belgium: Bruges and Brussels
Adrian | 23 November

My last European weekend trip for 2016 lied in the hands of the Belgians. During this sort stay I strolled

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Marseille (and Aix-en-Provence) : Travel Guide & Best things to do
Adrian | 8 November

Marseille is the second most populated city in France, nestled in the south coast of the country. Surrounded by the

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Lake Como, Italy : Travel Guide & Best things to do
Adrian | 6 November

The breathtaking ‘Lago di Como’ is the third largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. Its gorgeous

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Malta & Gozo : A Local’s Travel Guide & Best things to do
Adrian | 1 November

Malta (my home country) is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, best known for its 300

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Dorset, England (Bournemouth & Jurassic Coast) : Travel Guide & Best Things to do
Adrian | 26 October

Located in the South West of England, Dorset is popular with both local and foreign travellers. Peaking in summer, people

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Rome, Italy : Travel Guide & Best things to do
Adrian | 20 October

No other city on earth evokes its past as powerfully as the Italian capital city, Rome. Its ancient, and rich history

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