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After visiting destinations designed to simply accommodate tourists and travellers, I was glad to finally (partly) escape this tourism infrastructure by staying in Krabi town. Sure, other travellers will tell you that there isn’t much to do in Krabi town, and that is not as lively as Ao Nang. But this is exactly the remedy I needed. What I found in Krabi town was locals living their normal life, with fantastic food and clothes market, and without the inflation of prices. That being said, the region of Krabi offers a lot of tourist attractions as well. My favourite being:

My Favourite Moments

1. Tiger Cave & Temple

Graced with over 1,200 steps, this Buddhist temple dates back to 1975. The walk towards the statue of Buddha may be excruciation (especially on a hot day), but the views are simply breathtaking. And worth every effort.

2. Railay Beach & Phra Nang Cave Beach

Two gorgeous beaches that beat anything that Phuket or even Phi Phi has to offer. Speaking of beaches, Ao Nang is nothing to shout about – yet another reason to stay away.

3. Krabi Hot Springs

As this was the first time I’ve ever been in hot springs, this experience was quite unique to me and my body. And after introducing it to its first massage a few days earlier, it was quite pleased to experience the surreal warm water. The hot springs are not large, but it did not feel crowded either.

4. Krabi Town Food Market

Experiencing local food, with other local Thais was a real treat. The food was unsurprisingly delicious, and cheap!

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