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Oh Phi Phi, I’m really sorry I thought you were going to disappoint me. After Phuket I was not expecting much of you, but, well, you exceeded all my expectations! Starting with the viewpoint, then the long beach and the islands around Phi Phi, and ending it with a 4 hour conversation with a local, it has been a beautifully enriching experience.

My Favourite Moments

1. Viewpoint

Okay the walk is tiresome. You will need a lot of water. You will sweat a lot. But at the end of the day, this view is absolutely stunning.




2. Long Beach (and the walk to it)

The long beach is Phi Phi is one of the more quieter beaches. You can take a boat ride for a few bahts, but really, the walk to the beach remains one of my favourite walks in Phi Phi.




3. Half day tour around the islands

Sure it is expensive (450 baht fixed price), but it is one of those things were you will actually love every second of it (best snorkelling I’ve had so far in Thailand!)


Top tips:

– The owners at Tara Inn were fantastic people, very knowledgeable and fun to talk to. The room was fine as well.

– I am so glad I discovered the live bar on my first night. I went there on every single night – it was that much fun!

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