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Landing in Phuket is a real treat in itself. Beautiful exotic trees surround large sandy beaches all around the island. The main beaches in this islands seem to be Patong Beach (One that I would avoid), Kata Beach and Karon Beach. While Phuket offers attractive sightseeing, it is also plagued by local businessman who seek to manipulate and overcharge travellers. This is also the place where it manages to mainly attract travellers whose main conversation revolves around “What’s up bruv'”, “sick!”, and “mental”.  Unfortunately, there is also very little public transport in the island – and unsurprisingly tuk tuks, and taxis also overcharge their fares (triple/double of what you would expect to pay anywhere else in Thailand). Tacitly, expect to pay more for your accommodation, food, drinks than what you are used to.

My Favourite Moments

1. Promthep Cape

This was truly one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever experienced in my life! Promthep Cape is located at the most southern point of Phuket and is regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the island.




2. Karon Viewpoint

This viewpoint offers a stunning view of the 3 bays: Kata Noi, Kata and Karon



3. Swimming at Kata / Karon beach

Both Kata and Karon are relatively close to each other – and frankly also quite similar to each other. I found Karon beach to be cleaner and offers more space (as it is also bigger). If you visit Karon beach for a day trip make sure you wait till sunset – it is gorgeous!




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