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Nakhon Pathom is one of the central regions in Thailand, neighbouring Bangkok and Ayyuthaya. While I researched a lot about Thailand, I have never actually heard of this place before I went there.

My Favourite Moments

1. Sanam Chandra Palace

While this place is gorgeous in itself, my experience before entering this palace has been one of my favourite moments so far in Thailand: Attempting to explain the fear of chickens to a thai guard.

As I have discovered yesterday, there is such a thing as complete irrational fear of chickens (and as it happens, my friend has this). After attempting to try and help her beat the troubling chicken phobia, we came to the conclusion that the only solution was to visit the palace on my own. The guard, who was concerned as to why my friend is not entering, stopped and talked to me. After getting nowhere with sign language, he opend up his Google Translate. 5 minutes later, I finally understood what he was trying to say: “She can come in even if she’s wearing shorts”. Little did he know about the chicken phobia…and little did I know how the hell I can explain it to him!

2. Wat Phra Pathom Chedi

At 120.5 metres (395 ft) it is the tallest stupa in the world.

3. The temple of Buddhamonthon

An amazing park with an equally amazing statue of Buddha.

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