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My last European weekend trip for 2016 lied in the hands of the Belgians. During this sort stay I strolled around Bruges and Brussels, gulped down Belgian craft beer (you will forever be in my heart Gulden Draak and Cornet), devoured hot chocolate waffles and, well, chips of course!

My Favourite Moments

1. Canals of Bruges

Even if my hands were freezing, I couldn’t stop myself from taking them out of my pockets to capture the beauty of Bruges! The canals and the town’s medieval looks are just simply picturesque.

2. Grand Place in Brussels

Let’s be honest, a lot of people out there like to criticise Brussels. But no one can take the outstandingly beautiful Grand Place away from the capital city of Belgium. The central square of Brussels is surrounded by opulent architecture and is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3. Craft Beer

There’s no better destination than Belgium for beer. No argument there. There are 180 breweries in a country where the residents drink 84 litres of beer each year. And no one can blame them! Every beer somehow tastes better than the last. Yet as I said in the intro, the Gulden Draak and Cornet will remain in my palate memory for many years!

4: Simply strolling around Bruges / Brussels:

Top Tips

  1. Accommodation: The price of accomodation varies according to the location and type of accommodation used. Hostels cost anywhere between 20 to 40 Euro. I stayed in Brussels with a friend of mine, so we rented an apartment and it came out to be cheaper than staying at a hostel. Use this link to get anywhere between €18 to €30 off on your first AirBnB experience!
  2. Getting around: Brussels and Bruges’ major attractions are all within walking distance to each other. On top of that, Brussels also has efficient metro and buses going around every corner of the city.
  3. Bakeries: Bakeries are not only one way to save money, but also a great way to taste genuine and fresh local delicacies. 

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