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Located in the South West of England, Dorset is popular with both local and foreign travellers. Peaking in summer, people travel in Dorset to experience the beauty, culture and seascape of this county. I have not only travelled around Dorset, but also lived in this area for a year. During this time I have gathered a lot of beautiful experiences, met a lot of wonderful people, and explored the area extensively.

My Favourite Moments

1. Durdle Door (Jurassic Coast)

Durdle door is not only my favourite spot in Dorset, but it is actually my favourite area in England. When I was there, I almost had to constantly remind myself that I was still in England (perhaps also because it was the middle of February and it was hot and sunny!) 

1b. Lulworth (Jurassic Coast)

An hour hike away from Durdle door, Lulworth continues to provide more mesmerising landscape. I didn’t have the opportunity to swim here (I visited during winter), but I’ve read that it gets quite busy around summer!

2. Bournemouth

Bournemouth is the largest, most vibrant city in Dorset. But hold your horses, its nightlife and events won’t compare with other major British cities. Indeed, the most popular event in town is the annual air festival. Nevertheless, Bournemouth still packs a seven mile beach, illusive sunshine and quite a laid back feeling.

3. Poole

While usually overlooked, Poole is not a place that anyone travelling in Dorset should miss. Start your journey from the high street, move to the quay, walk alongside the promenade, and finish your day at Poole Park, and you will understand why I love to recommend this town so much!

4. Swanage & Durlston National Nature Reserve

Swanage is a coastal town in the South East of Dorset. While the town itself is pretty, the main attraction surely is the Durlston National Nature Reserve. The walk from the town to the park is also quite a beautiful one (although a bit hilly!), so that’s a bonus 🙂

Top Tips

  1. Getting Here:The main airport in Dorset is Bournemouth Airport. While it has some connections, it is not the largest airport in the world and therefore routes are limited. Neighboring city, Southampton, not only offers more connections, but also has a direct train to Dorset. Those already in England may opt to travel to Dorset by coach using National Express, or trains from London.
  2. Food and Drinks: The cost of food and drinks in Dorset are on the same line of other areas in England. One local chain you should consider eating from is The Stable which offers mouthwatering pizzas and over 80 different ciders in all of their restaurants
  3. Dorset Tea: While in Dorset, why not try tea from the area? Dorset Tea offers a range of different delicious teas, available in supermarkets and some coffee shops.
  4. Accommodation: The price of accommodation varies according to the type of accommodation, and location. In terms of public transport convenience, either Bournemouth or Poole will be a great choice. If you want to save money, renting an apartment will make the cost of accommodation much cheaper. Better yet, you can follow this link on AirBnB and get a €28 discount.   


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