About FoT

Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest.

Freya Stark

The world of travel and tourism has always been near and dear. Being born in Malta and raised in a touristic destination often meant that as soon as I stepped over my doorstep I entered a world of travellers who sought to discover my land, heritage, culture. Fascinated with this idea, at a young age I started flying to various villages, cities and countries around Europe. This December I will embark on a new journey; a trip that inspired me to create this blog.

As I begin my one-way tip to Asia I hope to not only to discover a new environment and culture, but to also explore the thoughts and opinions of fellow travellers and locals. Travelling creates new learning opportunities, creates new relationships, introduces new faces, forms fascinating stories. But at the different side of the coin, travelling also presents another less desirable face: it challenges the culture, habits, environment and lifestyle of locals.

Play on words

Faces of Travel is a play on words. From a literate perspective, ‘Faces of Travel’ refers to the different faces that travelling fuses together: people from different background, cultures, amalgamating together to create a unique, but functional, atmosphere. From a more conceptual point of view, the title of the website refers to the dualistic consequences of the travelling industry. At face value, tourism offers monetary and social benefits, but on the flip side, it also brings several challenges to communities. In a nutshell, my goal is to explore and share with you the different physical faces of travel (including stories and opinions of locals and travellers), and the hidden faces of travel (its positive and negative impact on society, environment, culture).

In the meantime, this website remains a personal blog that will serve to share my journey, tips and opinions with my friends and family, and any stranger who happens to stumble upon my site. I do not intend to market this website, and as a result, I don’t expect a great deal of visitors. The intention of this blog is to merely have my own creative personal diary, rather than a source of popularity.   

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